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Kitchen Storage & Containers

Brand: Beezy Model: M-579
Beezy Rolling Pin Holder is A compact product which can be mounted on the wall and can beautifully hold the Chakla and Belan. It is made of Stainless steel and has a high quality chrome plating finish. This is very good option to keep your Chakla Belan in proper way. This product is so attractive an..
$ 5 $ 7
Brand: Beezy Model: B-370
Used to break the coconut with ease and without spilling the water on groundGeneric Name: Stainless Steel Coconut BreakerOrigin of Product: India..
$ 6 $ 10
Brand: Beezy Model: B-389
Useful For Churning Milkshake, Lassi, Buttermilk, Liquidizing Dal, Sambhar, Tomato Soup & Beating Eggs, Cream Etc. By Using power free hand blander.For best Result of Hand Blender Insert only it’s Half Part in the Liquid to Be Churned.Generic Name:  Power Free Hand Blender Origin of Product..
$ 3 $ 4
Brand: Beezy Model: B-186
Keep the sprout maker in a warm place, better on fridge top to maintain warmth Food Grade Plastic Material Hygienic Sprouting System Odorless Sprouting System Scientific DesignGeneric Name:  Plastic Sprout Maker BoxOrigin of Product: India..
$ 4 $ 7
Brand: Beezy Model: B-491
Unbreakable, high quality plastic which is a plus point of this product. Beautifully designed jars set which keeps your pickles or eatables hygienic and fresh for a long time, suitable to use for daily use. Glossy look makes your kitchen and dining beautiful! Modern class kitchen storage & servi..
$ 4 $ 7
Brand: Beezy Model: B-390
5 Pcs Container Set Multi Propose Container Set for Grocery Generic Name: Container Set Origin of Product: India..
$ 5 $ 11
Brand: Beezy Model: B-568
Every classy kitchen needs desperately a practical fruit basket. Having fruits exposed in the fresh air of your kitchen raises the overall energy of your place. Unfortunately, most people use ugly bowls as fruit baskets which makes their kitchen look really old-fashioned. This degrades the overall a..
$ 6 $ 14
Brand: Beezy Model: B-601
No more spilling of grains, cereals, pastas, rice, etc. Easy Flow Storage Jar Cereal Dispensing Containers are airtight and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your cereal and snacks fresh and your kitchen organized. The Containers have a unique pop-open lid for one-handed opening and closing th..
$ 10 $ 18
Brand: Beezy Model: B-416
You can use the smart candy box for Storage pickle, mouth freshener, dry Fruits and many more. The smart candy box is designed with Three-grid, it can store3 kinds of snacks, rich in variety.It is easy to open and closeGeneric Name: Jar Candy BoxOrigin of Product: India..
$ 3 $ 4
Brand: Beezy Model: B-258
Keep your favorite herbs and spices organized and ready to use with the Brand – BEEZY Revolving Spice Rack Set. This beautifully designed carousel sits nicely on your kitchen countertop providing easy access to your daily cooking spices. Made using 100% food grade and BPA free plastic, it is sturdy,..
$ 12 $ 18
Brand: Beezy Model: B-1003
2 Kitchen Gas Lighter Strong and sturdy construction made from stainless steel, thicker gauge for high durabilityGeneric Name: Gas Lighter Origin of Product: India..
$ 3 $ 6
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