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Welcome to OMBIKA: Shopping Capital of India. Now, Sellers can sell their products in Retail  & Wholesale with us.

About Us

The 21st century has given birth to a new legacy of the internet which is popularly known as E-Commerce. Online shopping as we commonly know it has set its trend worldwide as the benefits of this legacy are countless. Convenience and ease of use make the experience better, not to forget, thousands of choices available under one roof that helps you to keep an eye on the latest market trends’ and saving your time. More importantly, it holds on to your budget also.

We have been shopping from a store next to our house or a particular shop since our childhood because there is a trust formed between you and the seller. But one question arises when we talk about online shopping. Should we trust this site?What if it is a scam? So, in this world of frauds and fake promises, OMBIKA E-Commerce Services Private Limited can be a new name of trust for online shopping. It’s an upcoming combo E-Commerce marketplace of India for global buyers and sellers, launching by 2nd September 2019.

India is the fastest growing Economy. We have been at the pinnacle of Commerce for the past few years, yet our Customers are unsatisfied. We are nevertheless using many foreign-based MNC Shopping sites here in India. It is quite difficult to understand and create a satisfactory shopping experience for a client if you do not understand their mood, choice, and taste of culture they have grown up with. So how can it be possible to get the most satisfactory experience when they don’t understand us? You can, therefore, say goodbye to the hours of research and deal comparing online because OMBIKA is here to guide you.

With the passage of time, it is not only customers who are updating, but the thinking and working style of Indian sellers is changing as well. As the sellers are also connecting with the internet to sell their products, OMBIKA welcomes the sellers from India to be the part of online shopping. OMBIKA wants to bring a change in the old traditional way of selling products and services, that’s why it wants to provide a platform to all the sellers across the country to update their working style and say ‘hello’ to this new evolution.

Products and services

It feels good when you can buy all kinds of products and services anytime while sitting at home. From clothes to beauty or electronics to groceries, everything at your door step with a smile of trust. OMBIKA has amassed a product variety range of distinct and one of a kind Products which are especially been scrutinized by experts of the industry and then listed on the website. So, any product you select will be of the top most quality with the OMBIKA guarantee standing tall with it.

It gives an extensive collection and Range of products plus it guides you to choose because it is always better to have a shopping buddy by your side. Right!! And OMBIKA will be there 24*7 for you.

Pre-Launching Discount Coupons

In the proud and joyous event of our Launch in September – 2019; we are giving out Coupons too. Yes, you will be able to get stuff on the marketplace with our special discounted coupons. We will be distributing the “Pre-Launching Discount Coupons” 3 days prior to the Launch date of our Marketplace website, this September. So, get ready to just shop your heart out at OMBIKA that too at a discount. We bet no other platform has ever offered you this deal.

Seller Network

Presently, OMBIKA has about 10k seller’s network from all over India and the number is increasing progressively. Seller’s network plays a vital role of a bridge between customers and business. So, OMBIKA’s Sellers will be there to guide each and every person connected to their family. OMBIKA has also got unlimited access to seller support for free.

Re-seller Network

One of the most powerful tool and methodology these days is networking. By leveraging this one feature of affiliate marketing, no one knows how much better the results would be. One such networking tool is popularly known as reselling. Resellers are OMBIKA’s direct partners to sell the products and earn good commissions. Neither do they invest, nor buy, they simply trade the products listed with OMBIKA. And there is no count on the chain of resellers. The longer the chain, the broader the network, resulting in exponential growth of sales. OMBIKA is entering in the market with an already developed network of 1 lakh+ resellers to help you flourish the business.

Free and Premium-listing plans for Seller & Re-seller

Free Listing & Premium Listing Plans will be available for the Sellers & Re-Sellers both. More details will be available soon at our marketplace website.


Pricing is something everyone is opting for online shopping is way off. OMBIKA has tried to reduce this moral dilemma. We have a huge range of price for all our items. We believe that the customer should not be left unsatisfied. We have tried to complete an exhaustive survey and research the Whole Market both Indian and Global before Listing the Prices. Our product prices have no hidden cost and no deceit. The price you see is what you elect and what you get.

For the Seller out there, OMBIKA has, in addition, performed an exhaustive survey and study before generously listing your attractive Item prices on the Website. We can assure you that you will get the Maximum Selling Price for all your articles listed on OMBIKA E-Commerce Marketplace Website.

Consumer’s needs and Satisfaction

OMBIKA E-Commerce Services Private Limited ensures that the customers get their orders within 2-3 three days. It ensures fast delivery, best price, cash-on-delivery on eligible places, on-time refund, tracking services, return services and many more things.

We owe it to the people

OMBIKA follows and nurtures Indian Values.  We strongly believe that we owe the success to the people themselves. The people who join us and participate in this journey with us.

We, therefore, are committed to using 5% of Company Profit share for “Social Security & Welfare”, that is – For Education, Medical facilities, Food etc. for those who need this support. After all, lending a hand in times of need is the biggest service ever.

It also means that with every item you purchase from OMBIKA you will evidently be giving 5% of the money to the ones in need. These funds will be carefully collected and used in providing means for the poor.

No third party will be involved, diminishing the chance of any frauds in between. OMBIKA is a Combo E-Commerce Marketplace of India for Global Buyers & Sellers trying to make a difference. We are trying to have a Global outreach with Indian Values. But at the End of the Day, we sincerely believe it is not possible without our Customers. Your gratification and support are the most important assets to us.

With your enthusiastic approval, we believe OMBIKA E-Commerce Services Private Limited will soon be able to show the world its potential to create a wonderful shopping experience. We will be waiting to serve you with the promise of the best possible experience you can ever imagine because “NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN TRUST“.

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