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OMBIKA Beauty: Our skin and hair are the treasure that is bestowed to us by nature which makes us look unique compared to our fellow beings. The maintenance and nourishment depends on the type of products we choose to cater to the ultimate care of our skin and hair. Caring for our skin and hair does not merely means only washing them but basically it involves nourishing them. There are a variety of beauty products in order to cater to people's need for the appropriate product which would aid them to care for their skin and hair. The need of the hour is to figure out which product would be the best choice.

An Awesome Collection of Beauty Products: The various beauty products which is generally used to cater to skin care are Cleanser, Exfoliator, Serum, Face Oil and Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Chemical Peel, Toner, Face Mask and Eye Cream. Hair Care products aids in the proper nourishment and maintenance of hair in order to achieve smooth texture of hair and regulate the proper growth of hair. The products generally applied for hair care are - Shampoo and Rinses, Hair Straighteners and Relaxers, Hair Sprays, Hair Oils and Hair Conditioners.


OMBIKA HEALTH: We have been listening to a popular proverb since our childhood "Health is Wealth"; which is true in a number of cases as this is that backbone in our life that compliments us and makes us capable to stand out in our day to day activities. The modern era has witnessed a boon in various industries. The Health Care Sector has also come up with such food supplements that would aid in the maintenance of one's health these are - Cornflakes, Oats, Dalia, Protein Powders and Nutritional Shakes.


OMBIKA GROCERY: Grocery shopping is something very important in life of every person. It is a unique experience as no two grocery lists are alike. Although people are short of time for walking into the marketplace for shopping their required items. Therefore people search their requirements online.

An Awesome Collection of Grocery Products: OMBIKA brings in the collection of a variety of grocery items that are the basic requirements of every home. These items can be enlisted as - Beverages (Coffee, Tea, Juices, Soda), Bread, Spaghetti, Vegetables, Sauce, Ketchup, Dairy Products such as Cheese, Egg,   Milk, Yoghurt, Butter, Rice, Pulse, Maize, Flour and Soaps.

OMBIKA is one of the Largest Indian E-Commerce Website serving as online marketplace to all buyers from Republic of India. It opens a huge vista to its customers by making available a variety of products as per their requirements. It not only deals in Beauty Products , Health Care and Groceries; but also deals in many other products and offers the best deals and prices. 

Brand: Gavyamart Model: Accacia 250g
Gavyamart Acacia Honey is Monofloral, Single Origin Honey. It is a type of honey where the nectar is predominantly obtained from one plant species. For example, our Acacia Honey has been collected from the nectar of a vast expanse of jungle dense with Acacia trees. This jungle is within 2 KM rad..
$ 6 $ 8
Model: Madhur002
MadhurAmrut Bilona Ghee is the product from Madhur Dairy Farm (FSSAI Certified Dairy Firm) on OMBIKA. It is 100% Pure & Fresh Desi Bilona Buffalo Ghee. It comes in Pouch of 1/2 Ltr. Each & Every Customers only looking for the Pure Desi Bilona Ghee. So, now customers can now shop here without..
$ 6 $ 8
Model: Madhur001
MadhurAmrut Bilona Ghee is the product from Madhur Dairy Farm (FSSAI Certified Dairy Firm) on OMBIKA. It is 100% Pure & Fresh Desi Bilona Buffalo Ghee. It comes in Glass Jar of 1 Ltr. Each & Every Customers only looking for the Pure Desi Bilona Ghee. So, now customers can now shop here witho..
$ 13 $ 17
Brand: ThreadMantra Model: Onion Oil
Onion hair oil is enriched with red onion extract, which is are great source of sulphur, which happens to be a component of hair protein keratin. Thus, regular use of onion hair oil is touted to provide intense nourishment to the scalp, stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair roots and reduce hair lo..
$ 3 $ 3
Brand: ThreadMantra Model: TMWC 527
Unlike a typical molded plastic comb, our combs are made of 100% pure neem wood and are handcrafted Pocket-size beard and mustache comb combo fit perfectly in your jeans’ pocket or bag pocket. So, you can groom your facial hair anytime, anywhere Keep your beard soft and train your whiskers to grow..
$ 2 $ 2
Brand: ThreadMantra Model: TMF 522
Charcoal has great capacity to absorb pollution and harmful toxins. ThreadMantra activated charcoal face wash wipes out bacteria, dirt, impurities, toxin caused due to excessive exposer to pollution from your skin.DETOXIFYING & DEEP CLEANSING ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: Face Wash cleanse your pores wit..
$ 3
Brand: ThreadMantra Model: BeardOilTMB523
ThreadMantra Beard Oils Helps beard growth. Brings out the shine in your beard. Allows your beard to grow strong and thick. Moisturizes skin below the beard. Keeps your beard healthy and soft. Reduces itching and dryness. Makes your beard more manageable and easy to style. ThreadMantra beard oil is ..
$ 5
Brand: Shoonya Model: Glass Jar
Shoonya Organic Wild-Forest honey is collected from the wildforests in the Himalayan foothills. This honey from the wild is derived from the nectars of neem, karanja and jamun, amongst many other beneficial wildflowers. Neem is best known for its anti-ageing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal propertie..
$ 4
Model: Glass Jar
Shoonya Tulsi Honey is collected from the expansive Tulsi plantations around Uttarakhand and UP. Tulsi is widely used plant for its medicinal & health benefits and its honey certainly imbibes some of its properties. Tulsi provides a huge boost to the immune system, which helps to fight a variety of ..
$ 4
Brand: Shoonya Model: Glass Jar
Shoonya Organic Mustard Honey is collected from the boundless mustard fields of Rajasthan & UP. Mustard was always recognized by our fore-fathers as a traditional superfood and widely appreciated for its versatile uses. Mustard can inhibit cancerous cell growth due to its chemo-preventive quality, a..
$ 4
Brand: Shoonya Model: Glass Jar
Shoonya Organic Multi-Flora honey is collected from the Sivalik forests in the outer Himalayas. This Himalayan honey is dervied from many forest flowers like bantulsi, acacia & palash. Bantulsi is renowned for its medicinal & anti-cancer properties. Palash is an aphrodisiac and flowers of palash are..
$ 4
Model: Glass Jar
Shoonya Organic Litchi Honey is collected from the lush litchi plantations of Uttarakhand. Litchi is a rich source of Vitamin C, which protects the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress. Being rich in minerals like copper and magnesium, it promotes the formation of RBCs in one’s body. Litchi ..
$ 4
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