OMBIKA E-Commerce Services Private Limited (हर भारतीय का अपना Marketplace) has launched E-Commerce Marketplace Website for Indian Sellers & Buyers. Where Sellers can sell their products and Buyers can shop as per their requirements. There is products available from 170+ categories for the shoppers and also 170+ categories available for the sellers to list their products. This platform is much beneficial for the Buyers/Users from all India; because OMBIKA started with hard core promise to deliver only Genuine & Quality Products to all Users of OMBIKA. It is only possible with OMBIKA; because all the Sellers with OMBIKA are verified by our team.

Main Motive of OMBIKA is only & only "To Save Sellers as well as Buyers from Online Fraud" during selling and shopping. Our open eyes will save to sellers from fraudsters and also save to buyers during online shopping. OMBIKA will works as a saviour for Buyers & Sellers. And, team of OMBIKA also expect integrity from buyers as well as from sellers.

Our Brand Slogan from OMBIKA is "हर भारतीय का अपना Marketplace" and Marketing Slogan from OMBIKA is "Shopping के साथ भी | Shopping के बाद भी ||". OMBIKA will contribute 10% of Company Profit for the Social Welfare & Security; because OMBIKA is "हर भारतीय का अपना Marketplace".  Now, we will define our Marketing slogan "Shopping के साथ भी (OMBIKA will provide Discount Coupons for immediate discount)| Shopping के बाद भी (OMBIKA will provide Scratch Coupons; which gives you Shopping Amount for next time shopping)||.

OMBIKA (हर भारतीय का अपना Marketplace) operating 3 types of marketplace for the Indian Sellers & Buyers. Sellers means not only Retailers; it tends to Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Dealers, Exporters, Importers, Retailers etc. And, Buyers tends to the Shoppers; who is purchasing the products from Sellers.

  • Retail Marketplace: It's for the Sellers who want to  sell their products in retail to all India Customers.
  • Wholesale Marketplace: It's for the Sellers who want to sell their products in Wholesale to all India Retailers & others.
  • Local Marketplace: It's for the Sellers who want to sell their products in Retail or Wholesale to the Local Customers.

OMBIKA also believes in providing more n more earning opportunities to whom; who want to work for the handsome earnings. Below are some of the opportunities by whom anybody can earn handsome income.

  • Affiliates Marketing
  • E-commerce Trained Specialist
  • Delivery Partner
  • Training Partner
  • Recruitment Partner
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